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  • Café Leffe

    Café Leffe

    Thema pub. A place to meet personalities from the world of Charleroi sport. Tasty food at affordable prices....

  • La Maison des huit heures

    La Maison des huit heures

    A very old pub, a symbol of the social battles and workers' protests of the XIXth century. That is where the struggle to obtain the "three-eights" originated: 8 hours work, 8 h...

  • La Terrasse

    La Terrasse

    Large brasserie next door to the Centre for Fine Arts with its warm wood-panelled and gold-decked decor....

  • Le Luxembourg

    Le Luxembourg

    Speciality of cocktails and Belgian beers. A warm atmosphere for this very select establishment....

  • Les Templiers

    Les Templiers

    Le Temple de la bonne bière, avec ses allures médiévales et une carte époustouflante de bières spéciales.Le rendez-vous des amateurs!Restauration brasserie ...

  • Princesse Mathilde

    Princesse Mathilde

    This pub was inaugurated on the joyful wedding day of the most famous couple in Belgium....

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Pottery Festival - Street activities, visits to the master potters' workshops ...

from 05 July 2019 to 07 July 2019

International Choral Festival in Marcinelle - From 2pm to 7pm, in four places, attend the performance of ...

on 07 July 2019

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