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  • Charleroi Carnival

    Charleroi Carnival

    Le 25 February 2020

    The carnival of Charleroi has its own special style. It is family fun where children are welcome. The Carnival takes place on Shrove Tuesday....

  • Cavalcade of Châtelet

    Cavalcade of Châtelet

    Le 05 April 2020

    Secular procession with modern elements, the cavalcade of Châtelet welcomes many visitors who admire the parade of the diverse and colourful groups each year....

  • Cavalcade of Fleurus

    Cavalcade of Fleurus

    Le 12 April 2020

    For more than six hours, the parade buoys the streets of Fleurus. The various folklore groups and Gilles societies finish in grand finale with a giant rondeau followed by splendid firewo...

  • Procession of Sainte-Rolende

    Procession of Sainte-Rolende

    Le 01 June 2020

    This march is one of the most important as well as one of the longest and most popular of all the processions of Entre-Sambre-et-Meuse. From 4 am to 6 pm this folkloric parade which is m...

  • Saint-Jean March

    Saint-Jean March

    Le 21 June 2020

    Thousand-year-old city Gosselies is doing its best to keep intact its traditions by reviving an ago-old rite: the exit of the Saint-Jean Tour. You will see the impressive show of the Sai...

  • Procession and military parade of the Magdalene in Jumet

    Procession and military parade of the Magdalene in Jumet

    Le 19 July 2020

    This illustrious march is still known as one of the most colourful folkloric events of the Sambre region. The famous dance of the pilgrims at the so-called "Tierre al' danse" c...

  • March Saint-Roch and Saint-Frégo in Acoz

    March Saint-Roch and Saint-Frégo in Acoz

    Le 16 August 2020

    In 1235 the young mums of Acoz already prayed to «little Saint Frégo» to protect their children from the ‘window’ illness and other childhood diseases...

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