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Bois du Prince (Marcinelle)


Avenue des Muguets
6001 Marcinelle

Tél.: +32(0)71 86 14 14












Walk in the Prince forest (Marcinelle)
The 4.5 km itinerary is signposted with red rectangles. The visitors will walk past the cave of the Saracens, the object
of an application for certification as a Natura 2000 site, where bats find shelter. On the Templars’ site, where archaeological digs take place, they will learn about history mixed with local legends. And there are multiple nature discoveries to be made: the source of a stream, a forest pond and great geological wealth.
The bois du Prince walk is included on the Randofamili network. You can download the GPS route from its website, two interesting audio contents about the points of interest on the route and a standard topography sheet including
the map of the circuit.

Start for the walk :
Kiosk of the Leisure centre,
av. des Muguets
6001 Marcinelle.

Available route to the Tourist Office














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