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GR 412 Boucle noire

The Black loop route includes some sections with contrasted landscapes (see description below), but all of them have the mark of coal and steel industries in common. Each area of the route will unfold its own post-industrial transformations
before your eyes : a particular nature has taken over the aspect of the spoil tips ; steel industry remnants challenge the memory-triggering landscapes’future developments ; canal towpaths become long green lanes ; former railways offer
unusual journeys ; some neighbourhoods look different while some others seem to be suspended in time… Explore,
understand, or contemplate : see the sights your own way !

The designers : Micheline Dufert & Francis Pourcel
Micheline and Francis were indie rock musicians in the 70s and 80s within the bands Kosmose and SIC. They have later become urban explorers, observers of post-industrial landscapes transformation, and bloggers
at :